À propos de nous

Carizonus Enterprises Ltd. is  a home grown company established in 2020 and located in Florida and Dominica.
Our mission is to provide the following services:
1)    Assist persons with the following
**Health and Wellness Products and Insights**
**Herbal and Natural Products**
2)    Manufacturing and Production to the USA and other territories
3)    Import and Exports to and from regional as well as international countries


We pride ourselves on the slogan “Local, International and Regional products at your fingertips.” Our aim is to ensure that our people are not left behind in the vast growing and ever changing world of fashion, technology and online services. We wish to provide each customer with a first time long lasting impression of professionalism and grade A customer service. 

At Carizonus we pride ourselves on being a family first and business after. Treat your employers right, your customers will be treated even better.
At Carizonus we believe a happy employee means happy customers and good business.